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General Information

Worship Services

During the week each of us live lives that get soiled by worldly influences. Sundays are our opportunities to re-focus our attention solely on God and his Word. Our worship services are designed to allow Christians to do just that. In the process we also get a chance to revive our spiritual batteries. Fellowship with other Christians is important. Come be apart of an experience that can be life altering.

Sunday School

Sunday School is where we develop an understanding of God's Word. It is through that understanding we also get insight into God's will for our lives. Each lesson is designed to bring you into a closer walk with God. It is not only important that we develop knowledge of God's Word, but that we learn to apply in our daily living. If you are not currently involved in a lively life changing Sunday School, come see what you have been missing.

Bible Study

Each Wednesday our church family conducts mid-week Prayer Service and Bible Study. Participants get a chance to ask questions about Biblical issues that may be troubling them. Also members can acquire further details on points that were raised during the pastor's sermon on previous Sunday mornings. This is sometimes necessary because questions can not be asked during sermon deliveries. However, on Wednesday evenings you can ask anything you want. We want to ensure that your study experience is informative, engaging, and life altering. Come check out what we have available.

Standing Meetings

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